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How Lack of Sleep Impacts Your Driving

Every one of us has sacrificed sleep in order to get work done at one time or another.  Whether it be pulling an all nighter studying for an exam or trying to get a project finished, we have all given up sleep to get things accomplished.  Did you ever consider how lack of sleep impacts your driving?  Studies have shown that after 17 – 19 hours of no sleep that participants performed worse than those with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent.  After more than 19 hours of no sleep, the performance became equivalent to a blood alcohol level...
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Text Us

We have a variety of different ways to contact us to make reservations, inquire about availability or just ask a question about the various transportation options we offer. Chat with Us If you’ve been on our website recently, you’ll notice that we’ve added an online chat feature.  If you have any questions while you’re browsing our site you can get them answered immediately by one of our agents.  If you have a question after hours, you can still utilize the chat feature and leave us a message and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Text...
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How to Celebrate Your One Year Anniversary

It seems like just yesterday you said “I Do” to each other, but believe it or not, almost an entire year has passed.  Now is the time to start planning how to celebrate your one year wedding anniversary.  The traditional one year anniversary gift is “paper”, which means celebrating by giving each other “paper based” gifts.  A couple gift ideas with the paper theme are: Photo books Tickets to a show or concert An art piece for your home Paper flowers Custom portrait of the two of you Hand written letters to each other Map with a vacation place circled...
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The Mobile App is Finally Here!

  Apollo’s Chariots recently launched its own mobile application for both Android and Apple devices.  This application is fully integrated into our dispatching software. Book your ride quickly as a guest or log in under your personal secure account. GPS can pinpoint your exact location Receive a confirmation number for your reservation immediately on booking. Get exact rates by entering your pick up and drop off locations. Save frequently used addresses and passengers. View and manage past and future reservations.

5 Ways to Save on Gas

Gas rewards cards or discounted gas cards Some gas stations offer gas rewards cards or credit cards that give you deals on gasoline when you make purchases. Some grocery store like Winn-Dixie, Safeway, and Kroger also offer gasoline reward programs and all you have to do is buy groceries. In addition, there are some websites, such as cardcash.com and giftcardgranny.com, that offer prepaid gas cards at discounted rates.   Plan your trip If you can avoid “stop and go” traffic, do it. This planning around traffic can save you big time. While in traffic, your car can idle for minutes at a time...
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