What happens if my flight is late?

Apollo’s Chariots utilizes real time flight tracking software, so if your flight is arriving early or late, you can rest assured that you will be met by one of our professional chauffeurs. Other limousine companies charge for delayed flights. At Apollo’s Chariots we understand that airline delays are out of your control and shouldn’t result in additional fees.

Are there a minimum number of hours required for a limousine rental?

For airport and cruise transfers there are no minimum hours required. These are flat rates from point to point. When renting a limousine hourly we do have a three consecutive hour minimum. Although you may only need the limousine for an hour or two, please consider the time and work that is required to prepare your vehicle before your trip, clean it up afterwards, and the travel time to and from your destination.

Are there any extra charges or hidden fees?

Apollo’s Chariots uses the all-inclusive rate so that you know up front what the limousine rental is going to cost. A lot of limousine companies offer a low hourly rate but add on additional charges for tolls, service fees, fuel surcharges etc. At Apollo’s Chariots you get the all-inclusive price so you can know exactly what your limousine rental will cost you.

What's included in my limousine rental?

All of our limousines come equipped with the following:

– Decorative fiber optic lighting
– High powered audio system
– Multiple flat screen tvs with the latest in mobile video technology
– Complimentary soft drinks and water
– Chests loaded with ice and a full compliment of glassware
– GPS tracking
– Tinted windows and partitions for your privacy
– Well dressed chauffeur knowledgeable of the surrounding area

When should I book a wedding limousine?

The normal recommendation is to book your wedding limousine service at least 6 months prior to the wedding date. This ensures you get the vehicle you desire. The most popular months to get married are between April and September. So, if you plan on getting married during this time, book your limousine service early before the vehicle and date you were wanting is no longer available. If you are planning on having a spring wedding (April through June), be prepared to deal with the large number of limousines being booked during prom season. This could equate to some companies having an increased minimum hourly rental to focus completely on the prom clientele. The typical prom limousine is booked 3 months in advance, so if you need wedding limousine service during prom season, be sure to book your luxury transportation early.

What's a typical wedding limousine timeline?

Typical wedding limousine packages are for 4 hours. This allows adequate time to provide transportation to the entire Bridal party from where they will be getting ready all the way to the reception. The traditional timeline goes as follows:

– Pick up Bride and Bridesmaids and transport them to the wedding location
– Pick up Groom and Groomsmen and transport them to the wedding location
– Upon the completion of the wedding ceremony, the Bride and Groom walk the Red Carpet into the limousine for the first time as Husband and Wife
– The rest of the Bridal party accompanies the newlyweds in the limousine as they propose their first champagne toasts or travel to a nearby park for pictures
– The chauffeur drops the entire Bridal party at the reception location for the festivities to continue with the rest of the wedding guests

What's included in the wedding limousine package?

Apollo’s Chariots has fully customizeable wedding packages depending on the wishes and desires of the Bride and Groom on their special day. Our traditional wedding packages come complete with the following:

– Red Carpet Service
– Chilled Champagne for Bride and Groom
– “Just Married” signs
– Fully stocked bar with your choice of non-alcoholic drinks
– Unlimited pick-ups and drop-offs
– Professional chauffeur familiar with wedding limousine logistics
– Gratuity included

What size limousine should I rent?

Limousines come in a variety of sizes and styles. The size of the limousine should be determined by the maximum number of passengers that will be riding at any given time. The capacity rating of the limousines is the maximum and is based on an average passenger size of 150 lbs. Larger passengers and Brides with bigger dresses should be counted as 2 passengers when calculating the size of the limousine required.

What color limousine should I get?

Deciding on the color of your limousine is a personal preference. Formal occasions, funerals and corporate events typically utilize the black limousine. Weddings typically use white limousines unless otherwise requested by the bride. Whatever color is decided for the limousine service, Apollo’s Chariots will be happy to cater to all of our client’s wishes and requests.

How much should I tip?

Tipping is a way of showing gratitude to the chauffeur for service that goes above and beyond the client’s expectations. The traditional gratuity included in most limousine contracts is 20%. If the service was exceptional, one should consider providing additional gratuity as a way of showing thank you for a job well done. At Apollo’s Chariots, our drivers get 100% of the gratuity, even on reservations that are paid in advance. Chauffeurs rely heavily on gratuity as a way to make a living. Reward the quality service and professionalism received with appropriate gratuity.

Why am I being charged a 3 hour minimum?

Limousine companies usually charge a 3 hour minimum on all limousine rentals. Renting a limousine for only 1 hour is not cost effective. This is due to the cost involved in the luxury vehicles themselves, maintenance, driver’s salary, vehicle prep time, fuel costs, and travel time to and from the location. During special events such as New Years or Valentine’s Day, minimums can be as high as 8 hours.

Why am I charged for time I'm not in the limousine?

A limousine rental is like staying in a hotel room. You may not spend every minute in the room, but you will still be charged for the entire day. In cases where the limousine is not being used (bar hopping, concerts, dinner reservations etc.) you will still have to pay the charter rate for the vehicle during these times even though you aren’t physically inside the vehicle. This is necessary because the limousine cannot be used elsewhere while you are at dinner even if there are 2-3 hours between the drop off and the pick up. Some companies offer a discounted hourly rate if the vehicle is waiting idly outside a concert or sporting event. At Apollo’s Chariots we want to provide you with the best possible service. We can’t do this if we are trying to juggle multiple reservations with the same vehicle. When you rent a limousine with us, you are getting the attention and luxury you deserve.

Who rides in the wedding limousine?

Typically the entire bridal party gets transported to and from the ceremony in the wedding limousine. A common schedule is to have the limousine pick the bride and the bridesmaids up where they are getting ready and take them to the ceremony. The same limousine then picks up the groom and the groomsmen and takes them to the ceremony. During the ceremony the chauffeur will be rolling out the Red Carpet, putting “Just Married” signs on the sides of the limousine, and putting a cold bottle of Champagne inside the limousine for the bride and groom to do their first toast together as husband and wife. After the ceremony, the entire bridal party gets inside the limousine and heads to get pictures or directly to the reception. When booking your limousine, make sure to get a large enough vehicle to accommodate your entire bridal party.

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