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5 Ways to Save on Gas

  1. Gas rewards cards or discounted gas cards

Some gas stations offer gas rewards cards or credit cards that give you deals on gasoline when you make purchases. Some grocery store like Winn-Dixie, Safeway, and Kroger also offer gasoline reward programs and all you have to do is buy groceries. In addition, there are some websites, such as cardcash.com and giftcardgranny.com, that offer prepaid gas cards at discounted rates.


  1. Plan your trip

If you can avoid “stop and go” traffic, do it. This planning around traffic can save you big time. While in traffic, your car can idle for minutes at a time and this can cause your car to exert more fuel. Now, it is impossible to always avoid traffic but anytime you can strategically plan out your path, the more your wallet will thank you.


  1. Follow the speed limit

Even though you may be saving yourself a few extra minutes by speeding down the highway, you are using more gas to do so. Ideally, to save some fuel, you want to stick to 65 or 70 mph on the highway. Another tip to save some bucks is to use cruise control on highways.


  1. Regular maintenance

Make sure that you regularly check your tire pressure. When the air pressure becomes lower in the tire, it can be more difficult for your car to work as smoothly. The tires are now increasing their resistance which causes the car to use more fuel to get places. You should check the tire pressure every couple of weeks to ensure you are getting your money’s worth on fuel.


  1. Empty unnecessary junk

The heavier your car is due to extra unnecessary weight, the harder it is for your car to move properly. This results in the need for more fuel to move more weight. So if you want to save a little fuel/money, take the junk out of the trunk.