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Maid of Honor Duties

Being chosen as the Maid or Matron of honor is a big responsibility. We’ve broken these duties down into three different time periods 1) prior to the wedding 2) wedding day and 3) after the wedding.

Prior to the Wedding

As the maid of honor, it is your job to make introductions to any of the bridesmaids that do not know each other.  Help host and organize the bridal shower and keep a record of the gifts to give to the Bride.  You are essentially the bride’s right hand woman and should attend vendor meetings, delegate duties to the different bridesmaids and offer suggestions on bridesmaid’s dresses.  One of the most fun responsibilities of the maid of honor is planning the bachelorette party.  The ultimate goal is to make sure everyone has an amazing time and no one has to be the designated driver.  Party to the wee hours of the morning knowing that  you and your party are going to arrive back home safely and comfortably with one of our limousines.

Wedding Day

On the big day, you should be familiar with the timeline in the event that there is no wedding coordinator present.  Field any questions from vendors or friends and family for the bride to let her relax on her special day.  You are responsible for holding the groom’s ring and for constantly fluffing up the bride’s dress for pictures.

After the Wedding

Be sure to let the bride and groom enjoy their reception and don’t get too drunk.  Make sure their suitcase is in the getaway car for them to take to their hotel.  Assist with the loading of the gifts and any other clean up that may need done.

Being chosen as the Maid or Matron of honor is very special.  Celebrate before, during and after the wedding with your best friend on her special day.